Salsa Time

During the summer months I absolutely love making salsa. For home or BBQ’s, salsa is easy and makes for some fine eats. Here’s my recipe… 1/2 large white onion 2 green onions 1 small fresh tomato 1 14.5 oz can… Read More ›

Pretzels and Beer

Pretzels… Beer… I don’t need to tell you they go together in a good way. Pretzels bring savory and rich flavors, which match perfectly with most any beer style. For Pretzel Day, I decided it would be a good idea… Read More ›

Easter Bunny Beer

My wife came across an idea for a festive Easter beer glass. Get a hollow chocolate bunny, and start by breaking┬áthe ears (you could just eat the off… Honestly they’re the best part). Now, grab your favorite Porter or Stout… Read More ›