La Pintada Sabores de Baja

La PintadaOn our recent vacation, my wife and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a week of rest, sunshine, swimming, cervezas and relaxation away from the toddler. During an excursion away from our all-inclusive hotel, we decided to play tourist and head to Cabo Wabo and shopping in town.

On the walk back to the hotel we stumbled across the most rad brewery and restaurant, La Pintada Sabores de Baja. Located on the main road (Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas) and Camino Real, La Pintada has the look of an old California mission, leading you into a beautifully designed restaurant, with adjoining bar.

Real Craft Beer in Cabo

Their beer list spanned the style landscape from Pilsner to Porter, Hefeweizen to Stout, and all points in between. Heck, they even had a Berliner-Weiss that was really well done! We especially loved the Pilsner, as they can be tricky to nail down. La Pintada made their’s with the qualities we both love in the style: Crisp, clean and slightly nutty with La Pintadaan overall refreshing feel throughout each sip. A beer perfect for a day in the heat.

After having walked a good amount through town that day we needed to grab some food, and as you’d expect from my tone so far their food was excellent too. We ordered a micro-greens salad with Pear, Beets, and local cheese served with a light vinaigrette… but they totally surprised us! House-made bread was served with Chimichurri sauce, followed by a single serving tortilla chip with locally caught tuna, avocado, cilantro, tomato, and golden beets.

On the whole, our trip was an adventure in rest and relaxation: Two things we absolutely needed. Finding a local craft brewery with stellar beer and food, well that’s just icing on the cake. Or the cervezas with the chips & dip (that works, right?)

La Pintada

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