Story Telling

A big part of creating your “brand” is in the story you tell. This isn’t just about what you say out loud to others when in public, it includes everything you post online. Remember, Social Media is all about being social, and establishing a set cadence for your personal “story” is key to creating an image or brand that people remember about you.

Disney and it’s purchase of Lucasfilm is a great example of this. Movies a fun way to engage with a story, but they are never able to convey all the subtleties you can pick up from books and cartoons. There’s just no way to make a movie long enough, or include narrations, to include the nuanced part of a story that is truly immersive. Most people who have read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series and saw the Peter Jackson movies would attest to this. Even in their extended versions at roughly 3-3.5 hours long each, there is so much left out of the script that you really can’t compare the movies to the books.

So what did Disney do? They took what started with the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and evolved it into Star Wars: Rebels, a re-vitalized series of books, as well as a variety of comic books and graphic novels establishing new canon and telling parts of the larger story that could never work in movie form.

Why bring this up? Because I think it’s a truly inventive way of telling a completely immersive story using multiple platforms and methods, attending to a variety of audiences (young and old). No one needs to consume all of the content to make any one piece enjoyable… yet if you do, the wholistic story becomes that much richer.

Remember that you can always use other ways to tell your brand story, Social Media is only one way.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.



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