My Favorite Pub

Sonoma County BeerI love craft beer… There, I said it. Have plenty of it at home, yet often feel a pull towards my favorite pub. So which is my favorite? Sonoma County, and generally the San Francisco Bay area have so many epic spots it’s really hard to pick one. Figured what I’d do instead is tell what I love in a pub; those atmospheric conditions that make you want to sit and enjoy a few rounds.

Walking up to the front door, you get an immediate welcoming feeling. None of these window-less fascia’s creating an air of uncertainty. I mean really, why the heck would you go into a pub that doesn’t want you to know what’s happening inside? Any beer bar worth it’s salt wants to shout “Hey! There’s a bunch of awesomeness happening in here”.

Once you step through the front door, immediately your inner beer geek comes alive. A bar with open seats and communal seating waiting for you to drop in. When I go to my favorite pub’s, the bar is where I like to be. Give me a chance to ham it up with the bartender/beer server, and anyone else nearby. If that’s not open, though, a rad picnic table where I can meet new people and have a few glasses with them is perfect.

Sonoma County Beer

Of all the great things that come along with Craft beer, its community is stellar. Craft beer people, whether they be patrons, brewers, or other industry, we all love getting together and enjoying that amazing fermentable with new people there for the same reason.

Whatever draws you in, my recommendation is be open to new things. New beer styles, people & their personalities, and locations. Never know what gem you’ll find tucked in an industrial area of your town.

Sonoma County Beer


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