Rate Beer: The Best Beers in the World 2015

Each year RateBeer presents it’s awards for the Best Beers in the World, and this year is no exception, but with one key difference… The 2015 RateBeer Awards will be held in person! This year ‘event’ has moved off the internet and into my backyard, hosted the weekend of January 30-31.

Joe Tucker, Executive Director for RateBeer has lined up an impressive series of events for the weekend including:

  • RateBeer’s Best awards ceremony (Saturday, Jan 30)
  • Enconium, a special bottle share at the awards venue
  • RateBeer Best International Beer Festival (Sunday, Jan 31)
  • Much more!!

If you’re still on the fence about which beer festvials to attend in 2016, or haven’t spent time exploring the beer scene Northern California, then grab your tickets to the event. Many of our local breweries will be in attendance, and are close by for after-fest adventures. As for out of town breweries expected, here are just a few: Hop Heads Ale of Poland, Arizona Wilderness, Bellwoods Brewery, Cigar City, Brasserie Dun Ham, Crooked Stave, Hill Farmstead Brewery, Pipeworks Brewing Company, 3 Floyds, and many others. Check out the full list HERE. Expect to see breweries in attendance from all over the world; This isn’t going to be just another beer fest!

Tickets: http://ratebeerbest.com/tickets.asp

Anout the event:  http://ratebeerbest.com/about-rbb.asp

Accomodations:  http://ratebeerbest.com/travel-hotels.asp


RateBeer Awards Poster


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