Pretzels and Beer

Pretzels… Beer… I don’t need to tell you they go together in a good way. Pretzels bring savory and rich flavors, which match perfectly Pretzel's and Beerwith most any beer style. For Pretzel Day, I decided it would be a good idea to try my hand at making a batch for the first time. The recipe I chose is from Alton Brown, but there were numerous others on the Google’s so find one that works for you.

They came out pretty good, but here’s a couple tips:

Pretzel's and Beer







1. Keep an eye on your water temperature for the Yeast starter. Mine was a little hot, so the little bacteria never kicked into gear fully, preventing the dough from rising as much as it should have.

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2. Have all your prep stations ready. Water boiling and ready, Oven pre-heated, etc. Makes the whole process go smoothly.

For this first batch I used plain yellow mustard as the dipping sauce, but next time a Beer/Cheese dip may be a good idea. I decided to pair them with a Sierra Nevada IPA, which worked really well. The hop aromatic’s countered the savory flavors of each Pretzel making it seem like you are drinking something lighter. Next time something big and malty, like a Rye or maybe even a Porter!

Hope you enjoy your first batch, and whatever you decide to pair with. Let me know how yours go, Cheers!

Pretzel's and Beer

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