Torrance Beer Tour

While in Southern California visiting family, my wife and I planned to make our way out for a Craft Beer tour. After talking it over, we decided to pass on the obvious regions (northern San Diego, or downtown LA) and instead head to an area we wouldn’t normally think about for a beer scene: Torrance, CA.

Smog City Brewing

Located just south-west of Manhattan Beach, Torrance is gaining a foothold in the burgeoning Craft Beer industry. While there are at least 6 breweries located in the city limits, we decided to keep our trip to three that are close by each other: Smog City, Monkish, and The Dudes.

First stop of the day was at Smog City. The small warehouse showcased one of my preferred brewery/tap room atmospheres. The roll-up door opens to an industrial space housing the brew-house and craft beer bar, with plenty of room to get comfortable and geek out with fellow craft beer patrons.Monkish Brewing

Next up, Monkish. Conveniently they are a block away from Smog City. Similar in theme, Monkish has a cozy tap room, as well as a brewhouse adjacent for larger groups. The day we were there, a stellar local pizza company had their wood fired oven, roasting hand crafted pizzas in the parking lot. For anyone wanting a tremendous line up of Belgian-style beers, and nothing too hop forward, you’ll love this place. Heck, there’s a sign above the door that says “No MSG; No IPA”. The craft beer tasting was usual also – we received tokens and two beer glasses and tasted each craft beer as it was meant to be drank – out of tulips or pint glasses. So small sample glasses for Monkish.

Wrapping the afternoon up we landed just down the street at The Dudes. Easy to find, and with a welcoming atmosphere, The Dudes taproom and beer garden is indoors with several long picnic tables, encouraging everyone to do what craft beer people do best: Socialize! We brought our pizzas from earlier and setup at a table with a couple guys who were more than happy to talk local beer.

The Dudes BrewingFor any of the differences between them, each of these breweries shared a common theme: Great people, making great beer, and inviting others to share in their passion.

It was obvious in the people working, and the faces of those enjoying each glass. I’m looking forward to our next trip south, and encourage you to check out new breweries in the Torrance area of Los Angeles.


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