Kegging too fast!

Just before I left for Reno last week, pulled a recent IPA out of the carboy and racked it over to a keg; My first IPA brew, so definitely wanted a glass when Homebrewgetting home! Unfortunately, in going a bit too quick that night, I connected the CO2 line to the liquid side of the keg… and ended up with a bit of a mess.

The gas tube is usually a couple of inches long, allowing CO2 to flow evenly throughout the keg when gas is applied. On the liquid side, the dip tube runs to the bottom, collecting ready-to-drink beer and sending it up and out an awaiting tap handle to an empty glass. In this case, by connecting the gas line up to the liquid side, once the CO2 had fully dissolved in solution and was more than ready for pouring, the beer had an easy path out the keg… which normally isn’t possible through the gas tube. What I ended up with is an amount of beer sitting in the gas line, up to the valve assembly and possibly the regulator.

Thankfully it’s mostly carbonated now (I blew off a bit just to make sure), but the cleaning begins tomorrow. Beer in the gas line isn’t really a big worry, but in the regulator may be a problem. I’ll break it all done tomorrow and see what the next steps will be. Either way, beer will be flowing soon!



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  1. Didnt know you were a homebrewer!

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