Dinner Time Libation

I love Mexican food… That’s it. Could eat it 3 meals a day, no question. Weird though, had never thought to pair tacos with anything other than some cliche light lager, so here’s a change. Grabbed one of the takes from my recent trip the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room:  Beer Camp Tater Ridge.

How the heck does a Scottish ale pair with tacos, rice and beans? Fairly badass, honestly. The inherent malt sweetness of this style is brought to light by the added Sweet potatoes, and compliments the spice from the food so well. Surprisingly refreshing, I didn’t even need much water to keep my palette clear, just made me want another bite!

Beer Camp Tater Ridge


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5 replies

  1. great tip. Corona can ruin any Mexican meal IMHO

  2. I felt that the Beer Camp beers were a lot of hype and very little flavor… That being said, your taco looks amazing and I want it in my mouth!

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