Birthday Adventures with Oysters & Craft Beer

A beautiful day at Hog Island Oysters out in Marshall, on Tomales Bay (Marin County, just south of Bodega Bay)
Craft Beer and Food Adventures is exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday: perfect weather, amazing food, and my wife. There is something about a crisp, clean pilsner that pairs perfectly with salty raw oysters and goat cheese from Cypress Grove.
Especially during the summer time.

Craft Beer Pairing



Hog Island Oysters

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  1. I always want oysters when I am on vacation (usually in the summer) however, the O’s aren’t really ins season here on the east coast (mid atlantic/carolinas). Love oysters – raw only. I lock down a few smoked porters to pair with a raw (not grilled oyster). For grilled I’d give a Gose a shot or stick a DIPA behind it.

  2. Honestly, hadn’t thought of trying a Gose with them but the saltwater addition to that beer makes the idea pretty interesting. Will have to give it a shot Steve. Cheers!

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