Russian River Brewing… a side project

Sonoma Pride is a side project of Russian River Brewing owner’s Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo, showcasing the breadth of ingredients and history in Sonoma County, CA. Of the two ales currently available, both pay homage to people that really helped to kick off the beer centric nature in the region.

Sonoma County Beer


Amasa (named after Amasa Bushnell who planted the very first hop vines in Sonoma County, circa 1858) is an extra dry Blonde… with a bit of a wild side. The inclusion of Brettanomyces during bottle conditioning, you get a subtle element of tartness at the back of your palette, which lends to its extra dry nature. It’s body and hop characteristics are showcased amazingly well, and at 4.5% it is perfect session ale.


Sonoma County Beer


Dauenhauer (named after Florian Dauenhauer who invented the first hop Harvester) is a well hopped pale, also with a hint of Brettanomyces includedduring bottle conditioning. Just a bit darker than Amasa, this Pale is such a great example of the style… with a twist! The bit of tart which comes along with the wilder yeast strains also gives Dauenhauer the same dry, clean finish as its sister beer. Coming in at 6%, enjoy with the realness!

I am very excited to see these beers come to market, as they reinforce the local ingredient focus of Sonoma County. With such a rich history, it is amazing to see products dedicated to those individuals and their contributions.

Sonoma County Beer

Sonoma Pride Ales

Cheers Vinnie and Natalie for making such amazing craft beers!


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