Beer and Cheese Pairing

A few weeks back, Shana and I dropped by a Beer & Cheese Pairing event at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa. We love these events, because they force us to try out so many new tastes. Hosted by the Whole Foods Cheese and Taproom teams, they were joined by Dan Haynes of Bear Republic Brewing who supplied the beers.

For those of you not familiar with the area, we are lucky to have a wide selection of creamery’s and breweries close by. Next time you’re looking for adventure idea’s, check out the following sites:

California Cheese Trail at

Bullseyebrewco Beer Map right here

Sonoma County Beer

What was I talking about? Oh, right! Beer, and cheese stuffs. So the tastings went like this…

Peter Brown Tribute Ale and Point Reyes Farmstead Blue

Sonoma County BeerAbout my favorite pairing of the night. The farmstead Blue is super pungent, yet it goes down so nice with all of the malt flavors in the Peter Brown.

Apex IPA and Bellwether Farms San Andreas

Bear Republic’s Apex really shows off the West Coast influence on the style. Paired along with the San Andreas, which has quite a drying effect on your palette, its hop profile cuts through all of that and let’s you enjoy the flavors. Solid compliment to one another.

Hop Rod Rye and Jasper Hill Farm Winnimere

Wow!! Winnimere is one of the funkiest cheeses I’ve ever had. Really, really works with the spiciness from the Rye.Sonoma County Beer

Smokey Bear and Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Yep, it’s good. Find these and put them in your mouth.

Tartare Rouge and Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog

Fantastic stuff. Love the Humboldt Fog, hell it was even in our wedding cake. Add in the tart from the Berliner Weisse, and the flavors just marry in your mouth. It’s like this big bucket, if you put a lot of awesome inside. Yea, exactly like that.

So much good beer and cheese. Almost as much fun talking to everyone we sat near about their take on the pairings, as it was eating them ourselves. I learned a lot about my taste buds, with one big takeaway:

Try new things! There are an abundance of crazy, and amazing flavors in the Cheese you have available. Pick up a couple random’s, and some new beers, and give it a whirl. Doesn’t matter if you like everything, just try it all.


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  1. Sounds like a great tasting. I used to HATE drinking any beer while eating food – for me, food just made the alcohol taste pop. It took me a while, but now a pizza, pretzels, super spicy pasta dishes, all are great with a nice brew.

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