The Rare Barrel

New Brewery… Check. Annual club membership… Check. Excuse to book it down to Berkeley for the day, to hang with my lady and our friends… That’s my jam! Landed at The Rare Barrel a couple weeks ago, pulling up to this nondescript warehouse off Parker Street, and your immediately greeted by barrel’s.

Barrel’s everywhere… weird, I know. Just go with me.

The Rare Barrel

Assortment of barrel’s to cluster around, tall tables for standing conversation, and a rad bar lined with subway tiles. Oh, and the beer! Of all the Sour beers I’ve tried, their selection was the most impressive.

Each had a distinct flavor profile, with some having the quintessential ‘pucker’ factor, and many others showing off a more subtle tart. Honestly, they’ve done an amazing job. Not only did they manage to open with an epic selection of Craft Beer, they did it with a solid location, and a consistency in their product which seems uncommon amongst new breweries.

Congratulations to The Rare Barrel, and I can’t wait to come down and get my growler!


The Rare Barrel

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  1. I really gotta check this place out… I keep hearing such amazing things!

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