RateBeer Gallery 2 – Beauty from a Barrel

On November 9th, I was lucky enough to be apart of RateBeer‘s Gallery II event, “Beauty from a Barrel”. Hands down, it was one of the best Craft Beer events I’ve ever attended. Why, you ask? Simply put… the People!

RateBeer Gallery 2

Every Brewer I met was open and friendly, as were the attendee’s. Not once did I meet someone that wasn’t completely jazzed about every beer there. The event was held at SPUR‘s office in San Francisco, which turned out to be exactly the right format. With 3 floors of awesomeness, the feeling of always finding something new to try out persisted throughout the day.

My place was on the 3rd floor, right next to the folks from Wicked Weed Brewing. The event coordinator’s asked me to pour a line-up of epic beer’s provided by some of the attending Brewery’s, and some other treats! Included in this was Prairie‘s Pirate Bomb, Almanac Brewing‘s Farmer’s Reserve No. 4, Lagunitas Gnarleywine, and Suede, a collab by 10 Barrel/BlueJacket/Stone. B

Sonoma County Beer

oth the Pirate Bomb & Farmer’s Reserve couldn’t keep open long enough! Everyone wanted more and more. Definitely a good sign

At the conclusion, RateBeer hosted an open Bottle Share, with beer’s provided by anyone willing to contribute. Such a great idea! I’m pretty sure I saw bottles of Dark Lord, Black Tuesday, a Firestone Walker Anniversary flight (shown above), Westvleteren 12, Terrapin, and many more.

So, the answer is Yes. One of the best events I’ve been to in years, and one I hope to volunteer at again. Make sure you don’t miss next years!


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  1. You also saw a 750ml of Beatification. Or maybe you didn’t since it was gone so fast. : )

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