Beer Interview: Ryan Hopkins – Thoughts of Hops

As a Beer Blogger, I spend a lot of time in my own world. In this Beer Interview series, I spent time getting varying perspectives on the world of Craft Beer from others in the beer industry.

Ryan Hopkins is one of the first people to teach me about home brewing, and craft beer in general. He started one of the home brewing groups in Northern Nevada, and through many charitable events, has become a great resource to others. Through his blog, Thoughts of Hops, he provides a unique insight into a variety of fermented goodness, with just a touch of hilarity!

Sonoma County Beer

Tell me about yourself

My name is Ryan Hopkins, I live in Reno, love beer in all forms and make a fair to mediocre batch myself. I’ve also written a scarcely read blog, Thoughts of Hops.

What is your preferred craft beer style? Why?

My preferred craft beer style I hate to say is IPA’s. it seems like they should be so mundane by now, but I love the big full flavors and the constant tug o war between the hops and the malt. In addition it is next to impossible to go anywhere and not find one.

How did you get into craft beer?

I got into craft beer when my mother in law bought me a mister beer kit. It made me start thinking about beer and opened my eyes to everything that’s out there.

What made you choose your blog’s name?

My last name is Hopkins. I had the good fortune to such a useable name. And it’s all about my thoughts on the beers I drink and beery things I find Sonoma County Beerinteresting.

What is your favorite food / beer pairing?

Chips ahoy and Boston Lager, Stout and ice cream, spicy Thai and IPA’s, steak and Schwarzbier, spicy tuna handrolls and IPA’s, smoked pork and rauchbier’s, etc….

What sort of challenges have you overcome in doing what you do?

Two kids and a wife that is just starting to appreciate beer. Oh yeah and I’m not independently wealthy enough to travel the world for beer.

Based on what you originally envisioned for your blog, how have things changed? Why?

I imagined all kinds of article themes (style write ups, beer events, beer travels, etc) but it has evolved or devolved to random rants regarding the beers I’m drinking at the moment.

Do you homebrew? If so, how often?

I do homebrew, and as a rule at least every other month if not once a month

What’s your favorite style to brew?

Wheat Beers, just become there fermentation can be so exciting. Besides that I rarely make the same thing more than once.

Should you age craft beer?

If I could avoid drinking it, why not. I have a hard time leaving beers alone. I did celebrate with a 2006 Abyss earlier this year and it certainly aged well. I’ve had beers that stood up and some that haven’t. Each his own.

In next week’s installment of my Beer Interview Series, you’ll meet Tatiana Peavey of A Strong Fuggly Brew.

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  1. Thanks for the ego stroke! Made my afternoon just that much better.

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