Great American Beer Bars 2013

We all have heard stories of the hardships, post-Prohibition. The U.S. went from well over 1400 breweries prior to that debacle, and it took the better part of the 20th century to recover in any meaningful way. Nowadays, we’re seeing amazing growth in the market referred to as “Craft Beer”, as over 2000 breweries Craft Beerbring their products to market, and new ones start up every day. This growth is exciting, and relies on us, the beer geek and consumer, in order to continue.

Outside of buying beer (which, let’s face it, is why so many breweries exist), the next best way to show our support of the industry is to nominate those locales that allow consumers to enjoy that amazing fermentation: Beer.

Craft has once again kicked off their Great American Beer Bars survey, and I would encourage you to participate. Have a favorite brewpub? Is there taproom near your home that keeps an epic selection on whenever you drop in? Head over to Craft and show your support!


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