Monk’s Mead

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a tasting of Georgia based Monk’s Mead. As much of a beer drinker as I tend to be, Monk's Mead marketingalways love to get my hands on a good Mead. Their rich quality (without being too sweet) sets them apart from the grape wines we have in and around Sonoma County.

For this post, an idea came to mind. Rather than just pour, drink, and write, why not add a little complexity?  I’ve been told (and read) many times about the dramatic effect glassware can have on any beverage, so this tasting presented a good opportunity to test those concepts. Below you’ll find two sets of tasting notes: 1) Using a Champagne Flute, in order to constrict any aroma’s that would normally boom out of a normal glass, and 2) A Tulip. Usually seen when drinking fine Belgium-style beers, this glass allows the full impact of the nose to proliferate, changing the drinkers perception of the beverage.

Try this for yourself, and let me know what you discovered. Cheers!

Monk's Mead

Aroma: Crisp, floral, savory. Mild baking spices, grapefruit, leather
Mouthfeel: Slightly viscous, little fizz
Flavor: Citrusy fruit, strawberry, banana
Overall: Clean and dry; An enjoyable mead. Would recommend as a good substitute for a dessert wine

Aroma: Honey sweetness comes through in a much more present way. Slightly floral.
Mouthfeel: Viscous; sits on the palette for a bit.
Flavor: Bright! Fruity & clean. Green apple pops as soon as you swish the mead around your mouth. A bit like a sessionable Sav Blanc.
Overall: Could stand it next to any Savignon Blanc. Crisp, dry. A mild astringency sets it apart from any grape wine, yet the similarities are obvious.

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2 replies

  1. Overall would you say one glass helped the Mead? Was there a benefit to one pour over another?

  2. Each one seemed to provide a different set of aroma development and flavor profile. Both were solid, and appropriate for their own pairings. Personally, I would stick with the Tulip pour, as it came across a bit less viscous.

    Worth the comparison for any others you can get your hands on Hopkins.


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