The Lone Macro Beer

A couple of weeks ago, my fiance and I decided to try out a new spot for breakfast. We arrived a little late, so the Brunch menu was given to us, along with our water and coffee. I took a quick look at the food, and while it all looked pretty good, my tendency is to sweep over to the beer section. At first glance, no complaints… Allagash to Dogfish Head on draught, Ballast Point to Duvel in the bottle section. Something did catch my eye, though, and I’m still a bit baffled today:

Miller High Life

Beer Menu

Thinking for a moment, this has to be an over site on the part of the beverage person. A lone, misplaced Macro on a list of otherwise solid craft beer. I mean, here we are, in Sonoma County. Craft breweries in each cardinal direction (Russian River Brewing, Lagunitas, Ruth McGowan’s, Stumptown), and all points in between, so why would there be any reason to put a Macro on the list?

To be honest, don’t think I quite understand. Personally, my journey to the craft beer and “go local” world has kept me away from any products brewed by the big 3 for several years, so there must be something about products like this that entices some to keep drinking them…right? Solid flavor and aroma? A strong hop presence that leads to a grassy yet bitter mid-flavor?

Or could it all be more existential than that. Do restaurants and bar owners feel that patrons may want to see all of the craft or local products, but still want a ‘staple’ beer? Is the younger generation (early 20’s) seeing the self proclaimed “Champagne of Beers” as a new hip trend to stick with?

What do you think?

Jeff B

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3 replies

  1. I think your last comment of the young-ins haven’t discovered what they really like to “taste” and one to be part of the “trend”

  2. Hipster beer! I have a case in my fridge. I have found these odd selections are sometimes listed for the older set. The Boomers that know these names, but too stck in their ways to try all these “new fangled fancy beers”. BTW I’m a closet High Life fan. Something about that corny sweetness works for me…occasionally. It feels god to say it out loud.

  3. I think you’re both right. Seems like the only way to really initiate change to any trend would be to cut the Macro’s out completely, but likely establishment owner’s think they may need to hold on to past time’s in order to maintain certain patron’s. They may have much better success by fully embracing local ‘craft’ breweries, but that will probably just take time.

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