Shopping Tips at the Home Brewing Store

My fiance and I brewed our first beer together, and are all set to move the keg over to the draft line. Naturally, it’s time to clean the lines, just in case any contaminants decided to make their home in the Kegerator. So, a quick drive to The Beverage People (Santa Rosa, on Piner Rd) and I had a brand new Ball Lock valve for a corney, and Beverage System cleaner. All sounds great….until I realized that the valve in my hand wouldn’t fit my keg.

Short story…probably should have been a little better prepared for the trip.

On that note, here’s a couple tips to use when making your next visit to the home brewing store:

Write down everything you may need – We all know exactly what we’ve got in our supremely organized toolkit, so who needs to keep a list right? Right? Yea, I can’t count how many times I’ve thought something very similar. Of course, whenever there’s actually a need to go shopping, damned if I can remember any one of those ‘things’. The trick here is to keep a running list with your brewing notes. Put up a white board, keep a notepad, create a list on your laptop/tablet, or whatever other tool works for you during a brew day.

Decide on a budget – Often times, I find myself wandering the home brewing supply store, grabbing random toys that would be great to have around, but have completely forgotten about what I actually needed. And usually my need is for a $2 part, not the $80 one in my cart.

These are a just a couple. What are your best practices?

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