The Epicurean Connection

Beer geeks in Sonoma County have no lack of options when looking for a great brew. I usually find, though, that some of the best places are not the ones you’d expect. Take Sheana Davis’ The Epicurean Connection, in downtown Sonoma. Her shop boasts a great cheese and butter selection (yep, they do butter tastings), along with many other provisions. But my favorite is her craft beer selection.

Sheana is a pretty big beer geek, and does her best to give the rest of us a reason to stop by. Heck, yesterday I found a single bottle of Rogue’s 2008 Old Crustacean Barleywine just sitting on the shelf! When I grabbed it, and headed for the register, she said she couldn’t believe it hadn’t been picked up sooner. All told, The Epicurean Connection stocks at least 10-15 different bottled/canned craft beer’s, along with a solid selection of bubbles.

2008 Rogue Old Crustacean - Craft BeerMake a trip to Sonoma very soon, and you won’t be¬†disappointed. Brought my folks there yesterday, on their first trip to Sonoma County, and they loved it!


Jeff B


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