Home Brewing laws

The article below is just one of many i’ve seen floating around the inter-webs, and each has the same theme. Dated “blue laws” regulating home brewing in various states & municipalities. As a home brewer, I can attest to how much it stinks to have few options to share someone else’s crafted beers in a public setting. The home brewing clubs i’ve met have had to spend time researching, to great lengths in many cases, all the laws in their area just to make sure having a group brew day is legal. I guess my big question is this: Does any of this really put a damper on home brewing?

Personally I’d say Yes, but only to a certain extent. I’m sure that home brewing isn’t going to stop just because some post-prohibition law wasn’t repealed, but the thought of it being an issue might have some out there questioning whether they even want to start. In either case, it’ll be nice to see more & more legislators spending a bit more time researching this ‘issue’.

“Home beer brewers seek changes to alcohol laws

By BARBARA RODRIGUEZ, Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — About the only thing Kevin Flynn enjoys more than drinking his home-brewed beer is sharing it with fellow beer club members at festivals and tasting competitions. So Flynn and his buddies were shocked to discover that Wisconsin law prohibits sharing homemade suds anywhere outside the brewer’s home.”

Full story can be found at http://hops.me/pva




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