STL and Trailhead Brewing

Made a quick trip to St. Louis yesterday, so had to try at least one local brewery. Luckily, Trailhead Brewing sat roughly 3 blocks from my hotel. Located in St. Charles [actually], and right across from the Veterans Memorial, this brewery is built in what appears to be an old mill. If I hadn’t seen the small sign when I missed the first time, I’d have kept on driving. On a cool & rainy Missouri evening, the atmosphere welcomed anyone looking for their favorite libation.

With the main bar sitting upstairs, it’s size is deceiving. You wouldn’t notice the size of the restaurant unless strolling around a bit. For me, planting my butt in a barstool is the best laid plan. Surrounded by a very minimalist decor, you get the feeling they’re there just to get you what you need…for me, that’s a good brew.

Started off with their current seasonal, the Irish Ale. Seems to be Trailheads’ take on an Irish Red, the nose was mild (couldn’t quite place it over the cigarette smoke), but did get a yeasty note. Surprisingly enough the first sip brought a nice bite, albeit more from adjuncts than hops, the taste worked. Finished smooth, with very little after taste. Definitely a session beer.

Moved on to the Pale Blonde. Rather than giving you a lengthy description here, let’s just say I’m not a fan of Blonde’s (beer, that is).

Wrapped up my one night in town with a damn malty Brown. Enough carbonation to mellow out all the malt character, yet just enough to keep this fermentation refreshing. Since I already said it…hell, why not be verbose…..very, very malty. Smooth draw leads to a damn rich beer, in flavor & body. Hop profile was kept light, characteristic of the style. Also noticed a lower alcohol content, which is a pleasant change of pace for me.

Overall, Trailhead brews a solid line up of craft beers. If you’re in St. Charles, and anywhere near the Ameristar Casino & Hotel, take the quick drive north on Main street to Trailhead Brewing, and knock back a couple.


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