Next up….the boil

This new Northern Brewer 10gal all-grain system did it’s job…in spades. We sparged in about an hour (looks like about 70-75% efficiency), with only a small amount of grist in the boil pot. Bringing the wort to boil now, so we can get the pound of molasses in, and start the final phase off.

I’ve got to say, the ~$200 spent on this all-grain system is completely worth it. These Thermos brand tanks hold their temperature really well, and even with a home-grown 3-tier system (i.e. jacuzzi, chair, ground), the flow went as intended. One thing we did different: open the MLT spigot very slowly. As soon as we saw good wort flow, didn’t open the valve anymore, to prevent from creating a ‘suction’ effect at the bottom of the tun, and locking up the sparge/grain bed.

Oh, and for whoever wrote up the note that running off the wort into a pitcher, and pouring it back on top definitely helps to get the wort to run nice and clear for the boil.

Here’s a couple quick shots of our progress, but head over to the link below for all the pictures! (courtesy of Picasa)

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