A bit more from BBC10

To tell you the truth, i’ve been struggling to put into words the events of last weekend. From the bottle share, to the ‘Craft Beer and Women: As Consumers, Industry Members, and Blog Readers’ discussion, the amount of content presented and the interesting people who attended just can’t be put into a simple blog post. So here’s what I’ve got…

BBC10 started off with a bang, on Friday 11/5, and the excitement didn’t cease until well after it closed on Sunday 11/7. We were carted to Oskar Blues Brewing, for dinner & libation, as well as complimentary brewery tours. The bottle share did not disappoint either, with roughly 300+ bottles of craft beer being displayed by the various attendees.

Saturday, we spent the day covering topics from “Why Beer Bloggers are Important to Craft Brewers and the Craft Beer Movement” (Greg Koch @StoneBrew), to a somewhat more controversial topic [as it turned out] “Craft Beer and Women: As Consumers, Industry Members, and Blog Readers”…regardless, the day ended in comradery at Boulder Brewing Company. They treated us to dinner, and a great tap selection, as well as a brewery tour.

I could go into a lot more detail about all of the individual discussions/events, but that will have to wait for future posts. To wet your palette a bit, here’s a few pics from the weekend.


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