Specialty brews

I’ve watched quite a few videos over at craftbeer.com lately, and am more than impressed. I mean seriously, the growth that the craft brewing industry has seen in the last 20 years is phenomenal!! From Victory, to Dogfish Head & Jolly Pumpkin, there are so many folks in our country focusing on the craft, that is good fermentables (namely, beer), you have to wonder…what did anyone do prior to this wave? While I can’t be completely certain, I’d have to say that even my folks weren’t privy to the knowledge that something as quintessential to the working class as Beer, could be diversified this much. You really have to thank groups like CraftBeer.com, the Brewers Association of America, and especially the amazing brewers out there, for the promotion of this passion we all share.

Here’s to Craft Beer…may it progress & live on, until the end of days!

Jeff B…the Grand Wazoo (of @hebrewbrewing, I mean)

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