Fall/Winter in the Truckee Meadows

Well, fall has finally reached it’s hand to northern Nevada. The temp has dropped around 10-15 degrees in the span of only a few short weeks. Personally, vie always been a big fan of a little “fun-in-the-sun”, but this time of year always brings a fresh love of the season to come.

Enough reminiscing, let’s talk beer. Winter is the perfect opportunity to start enjoying your favorite of the heavier boddied brews: Porters, Stouts…hell, even a nice Scotch Ale. Whichever has a special place for you, now is the time to get one cooking. So, tell me, what’s your poison? Personally, the peat smell of a good Scotch ale definitely twinges my tastes buds….wow! Think I just found sundays’ brew.

Leave a comment with your favorite cold-weather fermentable…would love to hear from you.


Jeff B

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