Beer Bloggers Unite!

These days, blogs are everywhere. Ranging from technology to food, there are so many of these ‘sites’ around…..wait, you’ve never heard of a blog?! Wow, ok, let’s back up a moment then. According to NetLingo (the Inter-net Dictionary), a blog is:

A web site (or section of a web site) where users can post a chronological, up-to-date e-journal entry of their thoughts.

Now blogs have been around for a while, which have become the face of a many a professional journalist. Too our benefit, many a beer geek have created their blogs, dedicated to the beauty that is Craft Brewing. Ranging from the expansive, to the witty, these self-proclaimed ‘geeks’ are flooding the inter-webs with wonderful orations of hoppy knowledge & malty character. Some of my favorites include:

A Good Beer Blog
Drink with the Wench
Brookston Beer Bulletin

Keep your eyes open, and you’ll start seeing a great deal of well written sites (and podcasts), to keep your brewing habits alive.

Jeff B

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